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Monday, May 08, 2006

report about the survey


This report presents the results of a survey about people’s general hygiene. The purpose of the survey was to determine if people have a good physical condition. Another goal was to discover people’s life style, for example, the number of hours they spend watching television in a week or the number of hours they sleep at night.


Everybody in the world could answer the survey; this is why the sample includes people from around the world, adults or children, students or workers, etc. Many respondents live in Asia, Europe or Latin America for example. Fifty-seven people answered the survey. The questionnaire contained ten questions, nine were multiple-choice questions and one open-ended question in which people mentionned the sport they practice.


Firstly, I can see that respondents come from everywhere around the world. Some live in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Longueuil, St-Hubert or somewhere else in Quebec. The responses show that the majority of respondents watch television between zero and five hours in a week. Half of the respondents mentioned they go to school or work with a car. Twenty-two people answered they go to a restaurant one time per week and the majority of the respondents sleep around six to eight hours a night. The next graphic represents the activities that people do in their free time. We can see that thirty-two people answered that when they have free time, they play on their computer. This number represents more than a half of the respondents.


Some results reflect what I anticipated. In fact, I thought people like to play on their computer and the majority of respondents play on their computer in their free time. In my wiew, people should go outside and have physical exercise in their free time. Also, the responses about the question on restaurants show that 38.6% of the respondents go to the restaurant one time in a week. These results lead to this finding: the computer and the restaurants will maybe make many obese people. Also, 50% of the respondents go to school or work with a car, it does not help for the physical condition because people don’t need to walk when they have a car. With all these results, I can conclude that people are becoming lazy. The reponses about mean of transport concludes that people are not really aware about environmental problems. In fact, they make pollution and they do not try to take the bus or train.

The survey allowed me to reach my goals. In fact, I discovered that people had a lazy lifestyle. In fact, they take their car to go to work, they like to play on their computer in their free time and they go to the restaurant about one time in a week. I also learned that the results of the survey reflected the society in which we live. People watch television or play computer when they relax, they go to a restaurant and they don’t do physical exercice. I was surprised to see that people from Australia and New Zeland had the same habits as us. They like to play on computer and watch television in their free time and they go to work by car. I would not like to change anything in my survey, everything was perfect and the results were easy to analyse.

Monday, March 06, 2006

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Montreal is a big city in which there are a lot of good restaurants. Tasty food is everywhere you go and I enjoy it. My favorite restaurant is “Marché Mövenpick” located on the first floor of Ville-Marie Place. It is a special place to me because the concept of this restaurant is a marketplace, so you cannot find any waiter. You have to shop from place to place and each counter offers different meals and drinks. This allows you to eat French “cuisine” for an appetizer, Thaï food for a main service and finish your lunch with an excellent Italian desert, all this with a fresh exotic fruit cocktail. I like this restaurant also because from time to time you never go through all meals that are offered. Finally, if you go to eat there, try the strawberry thin pancake with extra-chocolate sauce, it is delicious.